“Tieton From Hatton Road Looking Northeast”

Kenneth Strand

A number of Highland graduates went on to acclaim in various fields, but Kenneth T. Strand (HHS 1949) is the only one believed to have gone on to become a major college president. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington State College, 1953; Master of Science from the University Wisconsin, 1956; and a Doctor of Philosophy from University Wisconsin, 1959.

His career included that of Assistant executive secretary, Hanford Contractors Negotiation Committee, Richland, Washington, 1953-1955; assistant professor, Washington State University, 1959-1960; assistant professor, Oberlin College, 1960-1965 (on leave 1963-1965); economist, the Organization of Economics Cooperative and Development, Paris, France, 1964-1966; associate professor economics, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C., Canada, 1966-1968; professor, Simon Fraser University, 1968-1986; acting president, Simon Fraser University, 1968-1969; president, Simon Fraser University, 1969-1974.

At the time he was president of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada we believe he was the youngest college president in Canada up to that period. He became a Canadian citizen and retired to Whistler, British Columbia.

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