“Tieton From Hatton Road Looking Northeast”

Justice William O. Douglas

Justice Douglas spent summers in Goose Prairie near Bumping River and Bumping Lake which was in the original school district for Cowiche in 1872.

Justice Douglas came withing a hair of being the 1944 vice presidential candidate on the ticket with Franklin Roosevelt. Had FDR’s advisors not talked him into replace Douglas with Harry Truman Douglas would have been our 33rd President of the United States.

The Yakima Valley Museum has a collection involving Justice Douglas if you are interested. In addition, a number of people here today knew Justice Douglas, Jerry Forbes who is here today gave him a warning citation as a Yakima City policeman for breaking a law when he made an improper traffic turn. Bob Northcott who is also here today used to work with an outfitting service on fishing and camping trips Justice Douglas took into the Cascade Mountains.

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