“Tieton Basin From East Rim Looking West”


he Karen C. and James F. Perdue Historical Foundation (also referred to as the Perdue Historical Foundation) is a non-profit 501(C)(3) Corporation established for the purpose of perpetuating the historical record of Cowiche, Tieton and Naches Heights in Eastern Washington State. Application (IRS Form 1023) for tax exempt status of the Foundation has been approved by the Government.

The founders of the foundation are Mr. W. B. Perdue and Mrs. Joan B. Perdue. W. B. Perdue lived in the community for some twelve years from 1947 through 1959. The Foundation is named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Perdue’s children.

The foundation is to provide for the funding and management of an effort to record the history of the Cowiche, Tieton and Naches Heights Washington community. Donations will be solicited by the foundation in order to establish permanent perpetual funding of this site and other activities. Donations and financial contributions including those involving real property are tax deductible.

Other activities of the foundation will be to acquire assets in the community as historical sites and to construct facilities locally to administer and manage said properties. Details of the organization and operation of the foundation are available on request.