“Photo Of What Current Location Of The Town Of Cowiche May Have Looked Like, Circa 1880”

About Us

This website was created during the process of writing a book of the history of Cowiche, Tieton and Naches Heights.* While researching and writing the history of the area it became obvious many individuals planned to write or wanted to tell about their family history and other experiences they had while living in the community. This website is intended to provide a means of accomplishing those plans while at the same time sharing such stories with friends, family, and interested individuals having knowledge of the area.

A non-profit foundation was created to carry on the work of the website and to acquire assets of a historical nature in the community that current and former residents wish to preserve. It is expected that individuals will assist in this endeavor by volunteering time and skills to keep the website current and by voluntarily donating tax free funding to finance operations and acquire historical community assets to be held in common by those living in the community.

We hope you become an active user and contributor to the success of this website. We encourage other communities beyond ours to establish their own historical websites and preserve their community history for all that follow.

* The history book is also titled “COWICHE CALLS” and is scheduled to be published soon after this website is open to the public.